Underwear Music Lover Pops The Question In Cinema

Cute, romantic, and embarrassing. The recipe for a “yes.”

A music lover has proposed to his girlfriend at a local cinema by screening a spoof pop video of him singing a romantic power ballad in his pants.

Hannah McDonagh, 25, had been led to believe she was going to watch an arty French film at the Watershed cinema in Bristol for her birthday.

Staff took tickets, cinema-goers filled the seats, the lights went down and adverts played, before her boyfriend appeared on the big screen.

She watched gobsmacked as 26-year-old Pete Simson pranced around in his pants, miming the words to Daniel Bedingfield’s pop hit If You’re Not The One.

The five minute-long spoof shows Pete, a reporter on BBC Somerset’s breakfast show, in a variety of colourful pants writhing on a bed, looking wistfully over a cliff top and walking along a beach as he mimes the ballad…After the special screening finished at the Watershed, a spotlight turned on Pete who got down on one knee and proposed.

Hannah “managed to blubber out ‘yes'”, Pete later said, delighted that his proposal plan had worked.

source: SkyNews


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