Atlanta to use city bonds to buy MLK papers

The proposed Center for Civil and Human Rights crossed a major hurdle Monday when the Atlanta City Council voted to use city bonds to complete the purchase of a collection of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s papers.

The city will use part of a $40 million tax allocation bond directed to the CCHR to pay down the remaining $11.5 million in loans still owed on the collection of papers that was purchased from the King family three years ago for $32 million.

The documents will anchor the CCHR, which is tentatively scheduled to open in 2012 although it is competing for funds in a tight economy.

It is estimated that it will cost at least $125 million to complete the project.

“This is an opportunity to lock up the King papers, which will be relied on as one of the main attractions for the museum,” said Councilman Howard Shook, who chairs the finance committee. “We needed to go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity.”

Aside from the City Council, the allocation was also approved by..,

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