The Ultimate Answer For Men: How To Love A Woman

It’s probably been heard a million times:

Men: “Woman are so confusing.”

Women: “It’s so simple.”

Being that I’ve only been one of the two above, my advice may seem biased. To not be a male, is something I cannot change (not having a Y chromosome). I know that I am very intuitive. I know I’ve had a great example growing up. The world is not perfect. We are not perfect. So, counting up my blessings, I can say my example was pretty close to an evolved partnership.

The easiest solution for a man that really does want to “make it work” is………………………………..*drum roll please*

She is someone's daughter (realistically and in her heart). She's someone's princess.

Love your woman like you would prefer a guy love your daughter.

Treat your woman like you would prefer a guy treat your daughter.

For those men with absent fathers growing up, treat and love your woman how you would have wished for your mother.

When you stand up for your mother, sister, or daughter and think how can this jerk not see the woman you see in each, remember to look for that woman inside of the ones you date.

Your daughter grows into the woman she is supposed to be without a judgment or decrease of love from you. As a father, you try your best to protect her, help her reach her goals, not let her feel her gender makes her any less than a man, and you make her feel loved as a person. With your daughter, it is not a sexual benefit (hopefully) that you look for. It’s pretty much a selfless support system of just wanting to see her excel and grow. For a lot of the douche-bags out there, they connect with a woman and may not realize that they want her to forget any of those things are possible from a man. The DBs just want a female robot/blow-up doll in their home. They forget that there is a little girl in there that has a dream, that wants someone to laugh with, and may want to feel valuable in a world that strips away from her every chance it gets. In the end, the man will get a woman that will break her neck to keep him. Or, if not meant to be, she will remember him as someone from her past who tried to help her understand love.

Now some males may debate that they are just fine gaining females that don’t require respect, commitment, or the things desired for the treatment of a daughter. Well, those are not the male primates I’m speaking to anyway.

Everything has a balance so be careful what you wish for:

Only click play on this one if you are really ready:

What do you think?


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