Paying for Music is a Luxury

UK Music, an umbrella organization that claims to represent the collective interests of the UK’s commercial music industry, has released the results of a survey it commissioned and carried out by the University of Hertfordshire’s Music and Entertainment Industries Research Group.

It surveyed some 1808 14-24yos across the UK in what it claims to be the “UK’s largest ever academic research into the music experience and behavior of young people” in that age group.

Other key findings:

  • Music remains the most valued form of entertainment
  • 87% said that copying between devices is important to them
  • 86% of respondents have copied a CD for a friend; 75% have sent music by email, Bluetooth, Skype or MSN; 57% have copied a friend’s entire music collection; 39% have downloaded music from an online storage site; and 38% have ripped a TV, radio or internet stream.
  • The computer is the main entertainment hub – 68% of respondents use it every day to listen to music
  • Ownership of music is hugely important – both online and offline
  • Young people have an inherent sense of what copyright is, but choose to ignore it – the vast majority of respondents knew that sharing copyrighted content is not legal, yet continue to do so

read full article plus stats from source by soulxtc


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