GAP welcomes The Dukes of DaVille

Atlanta- On August 20, 2009 every Gap store in the US and Canada will play host to the largest-ever simultaneous live acoustic music event.  The Dukes of DaVille have been chosen to participate in this historic event.  The explosive event will take place at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA.

This live acoustic music night will celebrate Gap’s 40 years of heritage in jeans and music. This intimate performance opportunity will allow you to see The Dukes of DaVille like you’ve never seen them before.  The Dukes of DaVille are a high energy duo with undeniable talent. Their music has been featured on major motion films, prime time television and national commercial ads including Tide and Adidas. Their mixture of soul, funk, hip hop and r&b make them unique and coined one of the most versatile groups in music due to their diverse audience.

read full article from source by Darnell Clark


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