The Day Madonna Needed My Helping Hand

R. Thomas 7am

You never know who you will run into in Atlanta. Especially, when it’s 7am in the Midtown or Buckhead area.

All I knew, is that my stomach was completely taking charge of my mindset. Hunger was the only thing that any thought became connected to.

Where did my homie go?

On my way into one of my favorite spots, I hear the usual “hello” from a regular celebrity of the place. On top of that, I arrived at the opportune time to finally shake her hand.

The social one named Madonna.

I got my personal one on one that I had waited on.

We take a promo pic for her facebook.

She’s picky about only her “good side” being used in photos.

A little one on one time...(see the name on her crib)

She shared with me how she’s been down because people don’t give her the same value as maybe a great international singer but, she keeps her wings up. Madonna speaks to everyone.  Some reply while others just ignore her. I’ve always looked forward to her.

We dont like the paps getting too close
You need to backup. We don't like the paps getting too close

…oh, did you think when I said Madonna that I meant…noooooooo.


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