Artists Sing a Different Note Than the Music Industry

It’s hard to rage against the machine.
However, if you’re a well-established name in the music industry, it may have just become easier. This October, a group of British musicians launched the Featured Artists’ Coalition (FAC), a trade group that seeks to protect the rights and profits of artists in the digital age. Citing “unfair practices” and the challenges of a digitalized world, the FAC has begun recruiting artists in support of a campaign already headed by top names, such as Radiohead and Iron Maiden.
The FAC is correct in its assertion that these “Featured Artists” are “responsible for the majority of the income in the music industry,” but saying so implies a significant misunderstanding of the industry as a business. Without the artistry of bands like Travis and The Verve, the mechanics of this corporate machine would need to find income elsewhere, but record labels and other corporate manifestations of the music world cannot just be categorized as parasitic entities.
Signing a band is no small risk; hundreds of thousands of dollars are often…

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