Kim Zolciak Faces Lawsuit – The Real Housewives of Atlanta

It looks like there’s more drama involved off-screen on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. has learned that Kim is being sued by her music producer, causing her to take her song “Tardy for the Party” off of iTunes on Monday afternoon.

“This producer Don Vito is suing her for not paying him so she doesn’t have the rights,” a source told exclusively.

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Only they know what was discussed but from my experience…

A producer makes a beat and mixes a song. The writers and vocalists mostly wait on royalty checks. The producer gets royalty checks also. However, a lot of producers want an extra check before everyone else. Unlike musicians in a band that will travel and make the show money with an artist, today’s digital producer wants a check for…well you have to ask them.

However, they (the sneaky producers) want an advance check after the artist has made the song popular. They don’t say anything upfront most of the time. They are scared of missing an immediate reward instead of being a part of something greater than a small check today. I can say this from experience…


3 thoughts on “Kim Zolciak Faces Lawsuit – The Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. I am just amazed that Kim didn’t think they would try to sue. Think about it, your making a country song popular and almost EVERYONE watches the show and are gunna want to copy that song for ring tones and whatever…..THE PRODUCER WILL WANT SOME BIG MONEY IN BEHIND IT ALL. I hope the best for kim, I really do, I don’t like it that she keeps getting the bad end of the stick all the time and NONE of those other women have room to throw stones.

  2. I believe with the record industry being the way it is, that the producer should wait for royalty checks like everyone else involved. To sue now just stops it while it’s on its climb. Times have retro-ed back to when the musicians and everyone got money from the sale and exposure of the song. The producer is a fool in my eyes for suing before the money has came in for the song. Does he want an advance check from a label that she is not with?

    The only way he would have got an advance check would be from a record label advance which the label would take a chunk of his publishing in the paperwork and, it would not measure to the advance check anyway.

    I think he should let the song blow up, keep all his publishing, register the song with his performance right organization (SESAC, BMI, etc.) so they make sure he gets his royalties from the success of the song which should not be hindered by a petty lawsuit. From being on the show, she is giving it exposure that most songs never get. Just hush and get your ducks in order and your checks will come. Commercials and movies may want it after it blows up from the “free” exposure he’s privileged to receive without signing over everything in a producer’s agreement to get an upfront check.

    Some are so scared they’ll be forgotten that they leap too soon.

    If Kim is smart, she’ll record another song with another business-minded producer and forget about being tardy to an ignorant party.

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