Music industry needs to give middlemen the ax

Have you ever wondered why anyone would pay a dollar a song when they can just get the music for free? You can find thousands of CD’s through the library, download the music from a file sharing program or use a torrent site with almost no risk. Anyone can, and most students do, obtain multiple gigabytes of music in just a few days for free and without punishment. To get the same amount of music would legitimately cost thousands of dollars and be incredibly more time consuming than simply downloading any song you wanted.
So can groups like the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reasonably expect the public to switch from a method that is both effective and cheap to a slower, more expensive technique? The sad answer for the recording industry is that the middleman has to go.
There is little credibility behind the RIAA’s claims that downloading hurts artists, because it hurts the RIAA more. If they truly cared about those who write and perform the music, they would create a system where those artists sold directly to the public. Instead of the artists receiving five cents for every one-dollar song sold on iTunes, the artist should receive 15 cents for every song sold for 35 cents on their own website. Imagine giving fans a realistic incentive to buy music instead of pirating it. The music comes right from the band, the money goes to the band, and the songs are less than half the cost.
Telling people file sharing is…

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