The World Is Listening…Palomine

The band Palomine will officially release their new CD “Attention Alpha” as soon as at least one person of every country in the world has made a video message for their project.

Be the face of YOUR country and get the pre-release CD of “Attention Alpha” for free!

1. Film yourself (camera, webcam, mobile phone …).

2. Mention your name , your country , and the name of our band “Palomine” in your video message. Do it in your own language.

3. Be creative: you can show specific food, drinks, architecture, flags, …, anything from your country you want to show off to the rest of the world! Your video message may be used in the new music video of Palomine!

Upload your video message on their site HERE:


2 thoughts on “The World Is Listening…Palomine

  1. In 2010, the band Palomine collected video messages from EVERY country in the world.
    Fans from 193 out of 194 countries uploaded their movies at
    Finding a fan in Vatican City was more difficult than expected… So they travelled to Vatican City themselves to find that last fan.

    It took the band 11 months to complete this project.

    Now, their brand new music video is ready, featuring 194 cameos from fans from 194 countries!



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