Mother Paralyzed After Sneeze, Walking Again

Victoria Kenny, a solicitor from Chichester, was watching TV when she let out a powerful sneeze and felt a searing pain down her back. She had ruptured a disc in her spine, which resulted in her sciatic nerve being trapped between two vertebrae. Mrs Kenny, 53, was forced to quit her job and at times had to be spoon fed as she was unable to move.

She has now undergone pioneering back surgery to fit a lightweight plastic ‘cage’ to the affected area of her spine. Mrs Kenny said the procedure, carried out in April, and subsequent physiotherapy have given her back her life. She was up and walking just a week after the operation and has since been able to return to work, setting up her own business. She said: “I’m still terrified of sneezing – I sit down and pinch my nose every time I feel one coming on.”

source by Bernie Keavy


One thought on “Mother Paralyzed After Sneeze, Walking Again

  1. even i hav started getting dat kind of sneezes bt till now i am healty.. is it serious.. ??? dat shld i visit doctor for dat before its too late ?

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