Katie Piper is raising money for burn victims

Katie Piper is raising money for burn victims here:


She is the burn victim from the story:

Model’s Struggle After Brutal Acid Attack

11 thoughts on “Katie Piper is raising money for burn victims

  1. hello Katie

    j’ai été touché par ton histoire, où est il possible de t’écrire?

    Alexandre lazzaro

  2. Hello Katie

    My name is Alexandre Lazzaro and I come from belgium. I’m so sad for you but you still a beautiful woman.
    can I writte to you?

    Write me soon Alexandre

  3. Hi Katie.

    I seen your story here in Canada on the show 20/20. I’m appalled that these monsters could do something like that to such a beautiful human. These boys are cowards and will surely pay for this over and over again!
    You are a strong woman and I see you will be ok. You have a loving family and allot of spunk. You make me proud to be a British Subject. Though I’ve never been there. I would like to go one day.

    You are still a beauty queen in my eye’s.


    Your admirer in Canada.

    Bernard Woodbury

  4. I watched the show on 20/20 as well. My god she is a strong person. Also, I saw a huge resemblance to Katherine Heigl, who I believe is one of the sexiest actresses. When I saw Katie on the show my thoughts where that she still is a very beautiful woman.

  5. Katie you are still just as beautiful as you were before. Except now you have grown so much as a person! 🙂

  6. katie every beauty of us womans faded but beauty from inside will take now and after. i read yr article and admire the goals of the foundation and wish u a success..iam working in a depress area for the needy people in asian, got my own foundations to support 25,000 homes or more needy people.
    do more for others i believed in yrs comes u will others motivations in yr foundations. may god bless u keep u safe always.

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