The Early Bird Gets Worms While The Night Owl Eats Gourmet

You’ve heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm?” I’ve never really been that into fish-bait.  As a night person, I know there are some tougher birds out there then the ones that dig in the the dirt for food. Being the one that “gets the worm” just doesn’t seem very interesting. I’d rather be the silent killer. When it comes to fine dining, owls eat what they want, when they want.

I was never quite sure what “early” was anyway. If you believe early is 6am then what about those that are up at 5:30am?

The early bird gets the night owl’s leftovers.

video description:

While perched and stalking birds, a Sharp-shinned Hawk fell prey to an Eastern Screech Owl. The event occurred late afternoon, 3 p.m., in Northwest Lower Michigan and about 45 feet from my back window. I have a feeding station there. The event lasted about 20 minutes. The Sharpie had been perched about 10 feet up in a spruce tree for over 45 minutes, and earlier in the day, mobbing behavior by local birds indicated the possibility there was an owl in the area. I did not witness the initial attack, but saw two large birds locked together spiraling toward the ground. As an eye witness, I can assure viewers that this was indeed an Eastern Screech Owl.


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