N. E. Chick Even A Hairstylist Can Maintain A Car

So, after looking through a friend and hairstylist, Yolanda Hunter-Williams site, I found this pic of her (cute right?):

“I can change a tire,check my oil,put my own brakes on and do my own oil change! My daddy taught me that at 18.” ~ Yolanda

A car specialist is teaching women how to….NECHICK.COM

Muti-Cultural Hairstylist into healthy hair! Weaves, wigs, relaxers,color and cuts–creates wigs for any women with Cancer (Freelance Stylist) on call for PHOTOSHOOTS.

Make appointments at GLAMBAR! 404-521-0800

Over the years, I have found plenty of men that don’t know where their fluids go in their own vehicle, let alone change a tire. It is so funny to see a guy stand to the side while a little foxy female lifts her hood and digs in. I’ve slid under the car to change a starter, sparks flickering and all. I’ve also left a couple fellas speechless when walking in an auto-parts store with oil on my shoulders and arms.

One of the best things for a daughter is a great father. On top of that, the automotive smarts he can give her can make her even stronger. With or without a father in her life, my friend Mark has filled this void of car ignorance for the ladies. Check out his site: NECHICK.COM


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