His Boy Named Willie…

Time is the only thing we have…time to do better, time to fix, time to get it right, time to love, time to change. We are not in control of the time, just our choices of what to do with it. All we can do is cherish it right now and even this second has passed.

“It’s why I was sitting on money (as he said) 4 years ago when he heard my cd,
I lost my home and his boys live rent-free
I sacrifice more but he hands out his boys cd….
he would have chosen Damon over Beyonce if he were Jay-Z
he proves more to his homies than his family:

The black man is too scared to cherish, honor and protect the value in me.”

His name is Willie,

Sadly, I see males promoting only male artists in the south. I’m not one so I can only speculate. Are they scared to look like kings again? Do they want to just be warriors forever? They don’t want to seem as if they are working towards obtaining a queen, I guess? The few times you see representation of a female that was permitted is when she is exemplified as nothing more than a sexual object and not an intellectual one.

There is the 1% of the males that get it.

Maybe because obtaining a queen is to respect her as one. As long as they are warriors, they can simply use the females they come across and stay in a barbaric state.

They can promote the jewels they have seized and adorn around their neck or the transportation vehicles they escort their male companions in. They can be against evolution and civilization, even though that is the woman’s purpose. They can impregnate then abandon females as they go along their trek of becoming old, lonely fools.

This song is the theme song for the down low male. I mean, it sounds like a man who really does not want to be “with” a woman. He just uses her for sex so, he doesn’t have to face  how much he enjoys male companionship more. If he appreciates and respects males more, that is his true turn-on. He doesn’t want to work on a relationship with a woman because of the old saying, “one is rewarded for his work.” The true yin yang of a man and a woman is the most rewarding balance on earth. For an immature, self-centered mind, it can be the most trying. It’s like the lazier you are, the harder working out will be. In the end, it is a healthier reward.  Without wanting to absorb another perspective (a female partner), he shall stay an under-developed bachelor mind.  He probably didn’t have the example as a child so, he continues teaching the ignorance. He can’t be offended at the idea that a guy thought this of his mother…it is his song.


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