Son Kills and Eats His Mother

Samara Region, Russia: After not sharing her pension with her son to purchase beer, 55-year old Lyubov Gavrilova was hit over the head with a brick and then strangled with an extension cord. Her legless body was found on the balcony where the son, Sergey Gavrilov placed in and it was preserved under rags by the cold weather. He told family members that she was in the hospital to keep them from being suspicious. Relatives could find her after searching various hospitals. He blew her pension on gambling and booze until he was left penniless without food. Gavrilova made soups and pastas out of his deceased mother’s limbs. He told investigators, “I didn’t like the meat. It was too fatty.”

Gavrilov was sentenced to 14 years for pleading guilty. He was found to be sane. The court ruled that since he ate her body out of hunger he could not be charged with cannibalism.



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