Album Sales Are Not Low…History Just Came Back Up

I watch people get reeled into believing “beefs” or insults based on album sales. They quickly state how such-and-such’s album sales are not doing so great but, if you ask them what is great? They reply with some million dollar figure from an early 90’s artist. It is 2009, soon to be 2010, a year with a major car manufacturer getting a bail-out from the government, and records highs being made in unemployment. People are not buying like they used to. People are listening, downloading, and burning but, not buying. A number one position (like the blogs:

Music Industry So Weak You Only Need To Sell 83,000 To Be No. 1 &

Billboard’s Number One Is Not So Fabolous Anymore) show that for a chart-topping, talented artist to jump over 100,000 records sold the first week is a lot nowadays. There is cap to everything that gets commercialized. Music hit its peak when it became about the record label’s product more than the love of the art. It’s the only way for art to get it’s purity (or as close to it as possible) back again. The illegal download rape of album sales and financial struggles of the economy make everyone jump ship that are not completely committed to the music. Just like the captain of a ship, the true lovers of music will not jump while the money and fame chasers already have on life jackets. Those that were placed on this earth to do music because they can’t help but sing a song playing on the speakers at Walgreen’s, bang on everything with a pencil, whistle a tune during rush hour, or sweat in a recording booth can’t help but to do music. It’s like a dancer not twirling on her toes because it’s not a money maker. She does it out of natural instinct.

Times have changed. In one way, great for consumers while in others, horrible for the manufactured gimmicks. It’s back to the show…the genuine show. Before it was all about album sales, it was about longevity of people wanting to see a musician or artist perform sincerely on stage.

History repeats itself. It’s up to you to humble yourself enough to be a part of the high of it when it comes back around…

My grandmother loves this guy. He is one jazzy guy. He didn’t spin around because it would make a dollar…he just couldn’t help but to spin.

Top 10 Albums
Issue Date December 5, 2009

Rank Last Week Artist Album
1 JOHN MAYER Battle Studies
2 2 ANDREA BOCELLI My Christmas
4 CASTING CROWNS Until The Whole World Hears
5 50 CENT Before I Self-Destruct
7 4 MICHAEL JACKSON Michael Jackson’s This Is It (Soundtrack)
8 10 SOUNDTRACK The Twilight Saga: New Moon
10 5 TAYLOR SWIFT Fearless

source: The Billboard 200, powered by Nielsen SoundScan


One thought on “Album Sales Are Not Low…History Just Came Back Up

  1. Thanks for what you wrote here, I really liked it. We are so blessed to live in a time when there are so many talented sisters singing their music. Sad to hear about Beyonce and Solange’s parent splitting up, isn’t it? Oh well at least Beyonce and Jay-Z are still together!

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