It’s A Man’s World Sorta

“A man makes everything but, a woman makes a better man.” ~James Brown (It’s a man’s world)

  • It’s funny how a guy will not partner with a woman because he thinks THAT would be gay…
  • It’s funny how a guy can think that by just having intercourse with females but helping his male friends’ dreams come true, he is straight…
  • It’s funny how a guy can believe that his male friends are the best thing for him…
  • It’s funny how a guy can see the void that his estranged father left his dynamic mother (as a of a friend & companion) while growing up in a single-parent household but, not see himself traveling down the very same road…
  • It’s funny how an old man will look around and see how lonely he really is (lacking a generation to live on with his bloodline) because of his own self-absorbed desires (same gender sexuality or staying single to be with all the women he can)

It’s not funny how a guy can not understand how the “wo” in woman helps him be a better man…

The breakdown of a kingdom is to take away or make the king forget the value of his queen…or make him say, “I don’t love them hos.” Those hos are your race’s queens. If you don’t love them then who will? In the end, you came from a woman. So, to put down women is saying that you are a son of a _____? They are your “wo, wow, whoa”men, not hos. Without them, you are lost men with chains, money, adornment, houses, and cars for whom?

One can be whatever he chooses. However, “can” is the ability to. The creator of all, will enable the person to chose another route (other than the universal yin yang balance) only to regret that he/she never experienced it. A king & a queen sit in the thrones; not a king & his best knight. Eve was made as Adam’s partner in every way. To ignore that is to try to be more clever than the creator of them (and you). Maybe it’s simple to me since I am currently in the most ying-yang zodiac sign this lifetime.


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