Cowardly Dog Fighting

This ticks me off…

Man’s best friend is being made to defend himself against man’s instigated fights.

It’s crazy that these are the same animals that will be your eyes and ears if anything happened to yours.

Click for more pics of Dog Fighting in Kabul

Kabul is a place where (once under Taliban rule) women were not seen in a respected light. For some men, women are just for breeding, these men are the ones that don’t think there is nothing outside of themselves that was put here to help them evolve.

A place with this mentality is where men, being grown boys, do boyish things. When you don’t value anything above yourself, it’s like using all that loves you for the benefit of it. That is the problem with dog fighting. Dog is man’s best friend, not man’s best possession to use for his own gain. The “ying” or feminine energy put here on earth brings emotion, compassion, and reasoning to this earth so that all men won’t kill each other.

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There’s not a huge difference in holding a puppy that you will one day make fight and holding your baby girl and trafficking her. The only difference is one is your blood and one is not–making the rationale based off of a self-absorbed, self-centered mind-state. Instead, it is realistic to know that both feel pain, look up to man, and don’t have to be subjected to such painful acts in-order for man to survive.

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4 thoughts on “Cowardly Dog Fighting

  1. I gotta say, it’s kind of incredible how many men I’m friends with who are going out with Asian women. I’ll admit that I do find some Asian women to be very pretty, but what do you think the appeal is really about? Why do some white guys only date Asian girls…can somebody explain the attraction to me?

  2. Regarding the title Cowardly Dog Fighting A Growing Woman's Tales ~ A songwriter's perception of the world may be weird for you to see at first…just add music., it kind of surprised me for a while but finally I get what you’re saying. I have been pondering the same stuff at my blog I would really love your input on what I talk about. Eugenio Sean

  3. Could it be realistic that this blog’s writers could teach the general public how precisely they learned to make posts of such impressive caliber? Heck, even the title Cowardly Dog Fighting A Growing Woman's Tales ~ A songwriter's perception of the world may be weird for you to see at first…just add music. moves me Most profoundly!

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