Black Women Equal 72% of Unwed Mothers, American Indian 65%

Will they stop calling themselves “Lil” “Yung” in order to not be responsible for their immaturity. For the men that do “get it” and are not a part of this group..each one teach one, PLEASE!

As far as the woman’s list, I’ve met some Southern Belles of other colors with double or triple the list. A chunk of the single black women don’t have fathers in their own household which I think is an opportunity for Steve to say the black women are demanding too much. However, for the Southern Belles I spoke of, the fathers will stand with a shotgun at the wedding if their little princesses doesn’t get what she wished for on that list (and that’s if you even get to go on a date making less $ than the shotgun-toting father’s daughter). Instead of a man bettering oneself, Steve makes the issue that a woman (who supposedly works harder than a man to obtain the same things and gets paid less in this society) should make her list shorter to make it easier for a man sounds like a contradiction. The contradiction is that he also says in other interviews that these fellas should start pulling up their pants and make an effort to do better. He says that women shouldn’t chase men. Steve has never been a woman to experience dating below that list and having your hard work used up by a boy of less standards. Steve Harvey doesn’t understand the quadruple effort she has to provide to obtain back half of what she lost. When Steve has a hard day at work, there is a lady to his right or left also having one but, she still has to cover up the existence of her menstrual cycle, her facial flaws with concealer and pantyhose, and finish the day in 3 inch heels, while getting the men to look at her eyes instead of her breast before clocking out of work.

Maybe the low number of strong black women that are married are due to:

Click—>His Boy Named Willie…

2007 Births By Unmarried Mothers According To Race

  • 72% Black
  • 65% American Indian
  • 51% Latino
  • 28% White
  • 17% Asian

Breakdown of a study on 4,317,119 births:

2,312,473 were white. 27.8% to unmarried women for a total of 642,687 fatherless children.

627,230 were black. 65.2% to unmarried women for a total of 408,953 fatherless children.

1,061,970 were Hispanic. 51.3% to unmarried women for a total of 544,790 fatherless children.

49,284 American Indian, etc. 65.2% to unmarried women for a total of 32,133 fatherless children.

254,734 were Asian. 16.9% to unmarried women for a total of 43,050 fatherless children.

Total fatherless children: 1,671,613 or 38.72% to unwed mothers.

US births break record; 40% out-of-wedlock

I’m not sure how the researchers considered the “mixed”category or if they are all 1st time mothers.

source for percentages: CNN


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