Autos: Saab Closes Down

I actually enjoyed driving a Saab just as recently as this summer on a vacation in Florida (thanks Ucha). It’s one of those cars that you have to know about to appreciate. It sits right under the radar for the commercially pushed in the US. The first time I was in one was years ago when I rode with my brother and family friend Steve, who was on a break from the Navy. I just remember racing pass everyone from the backseat.

Weighing in over the weekend about the closure of Saab auto manufacturer, the Swedish media expressed regret but not surprise over General Motor’s decision to wind down its Swedish operations. The announcement was made on December 18, 2009.

On Friday, the Swedish government vowed to aid the 3,400 employees in Saab’s hometown of Trollhättan and the thousands of other subcontractors who will soon find themselves out of work – up to 8,000 according to some estimates.

The SAAB Camper

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