Settling Down From Being Down

I was sitting in a restaurant with a man who was trying to get it but is still missing the mark. During the convo, he states something I’ve heard other men say. When speaking of other areas on the globe to venture to, his response was, “I’ve traveled the globe.” I wonder does he think that by telling me this that my satisfaction was met because he’s traveled the globe?

New Year’s is here and I think of all the travels a lot of men make with their male friends. Then, when they are ready to “settle down,” they think the woman of their dreams is also. But hold on…she didn’t go with him all those years. After years of females finding something to do with girlfriends and/or family (instead of the guy who chose his friends) for the stroke of midnight on December 31st,

To those that forgot we are people also...(

she finds the joy within doing it the way she has been. Women long for that relationship during the time that some men instead enjoy their self-centered playtime.

I had a man ask me, “Why don’t women want to settle down?”

He’s already traveled the world. I’m not sure what he thinks the women are settling down from. They didn’t get to go. They are still trying to see the world he saw without them.

"Where was Adam?"

I always ask, “where was Adam?” You know when Eve felt the need to chop it up with the serpent. Sounds like she needed someone to talk to…someone to share the world with her.

My point is there is a difference in starting a new life with someone and literally “settling down.” When having kids is planned within the 1st year of marriage by just a guy who has being living the wild life, does he ever wonder what about the new adventures as a couple they could enjoy like traveling and exploring, like what he did with his male friends? Why because he has gotten bored with the fun his friends and him have shared that now he wants to drop a load of responsibility on a woman to raise his kids.

It’s sort of narcissistic to me. Resentment can arise from a girl that feels  manipulated into bleeding & sore nipples, loss of figure, lack of sleep, diaper bag shoulder pain, and never having time for herself or time for her friendship with a husband by quickly being responsible for raising a child, while his friends got to build friendly memories of traveling and just hanging together for so many years.

Maybe some women don’t want to settle down because they are still waiting in line to enjoy a true friendship with you still.

I’m going to make me some chunky cinnamon apple sauce…I love apple sauce.


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