Jewelry vs. Shackles

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Really, a loving person is. I see the beauty in jewelry but, I still try to understand its purpose. I think of the Egyptian pharaohs, for instance, that had slaves mining gold. Then, the peasants would look at the pharaohs on elevated stairs and platforms adorning the gold they got from the peasants’ level of land.

I think of the waste of youth and hard work that could be used for generations to come which is instead used to buy a sparkly adornment. The jewelry goes in the same location that shackles did. I’ve heard that the biggest pimp is the one that can control the mind then, the body automatically follows. If you add diamonds (side-note: which have came from Africa) and tell people that it’s worth all of their life’s work, will they come back and shackle themselves just to wear it?

Not to offend anyone whom wears it...just my perception.


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