Mixing Business With Pleasure

It’s crazy when I hear someone listen to his/her friends when they say, “don’t involve business with pleasure.” I believe it’s true when his or her business is not pleasurable or his/her pleasure is not productive.

Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis (cbsnews.com)

But, really it’s the whole point of building a kingdom.  Most couples that combine both last longer or at least continue a respectful friendship. When the two are separated, you build resentment. One or the other leaves an impression that the life partner is either not trustworthy or respected. Even if the partner is not hands on with the business, pillow conversations can still take place regarding the potential family business or outcome of something that effects the family.

Also, sometimes those not within the kingdom are threatened by the idea that they are not part of the immediate kingdom so, there is fear of the one running it to mix business with pleasure. Even if, the “friend” is an essential part of the business, family is all you have as long as you understand that before needing it to be proven.

Who else would you enjoy sharing your achievements with?


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