Make It Rain In The Hood

Here is the second edition to Making It Rain that was sent over to me by Big Vision.

Make It Rain in the HOOD #2 -Starring Pezo In Da Cribb,Khujo Goodie,David Banner,Young Jeezy & Slick Pulla (USDA/C.T.E),Big Vision & James Wade

Time, talent, energy, and love is all effective. Make it rain in the hood, the homeless are people too. This is a clip aimed at showing and proving that giving is great…

Directed by James Wade & Pezo Shot & Edited by James Wade Produced by Pezo & James Wade
Co-Produced by Big Vision
Executive Produced by Pezo & Up Da Game Ent.
A new movement out of Hot 107.9 , Pezo in the Cribb takes celebrities out in the streets to pass out money to homeless people.
Special thanks to : Young Jeezy,Slick Pulla DJ Hershey, Lauren,Def Jam, Shannon McCollum,David Banner,Khujo Goodie,U.S.D.A,C.T.E, Photography by Shannon McCollum
Music: Dj Drama & Don Cannon w/ Andre 3000 “Art of Storytelling 4” from Gansta Grillz The Album. Courtesy of Atlantic Records Marvin Gaye “Make’s Me Wanna Holla”, Anthony Hamilton of Zomba Records, David Banner of Universal Records,Khujo Goodie “Mercury”,Goodie Mob “Soul Food”


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