Art: Erik Johansson

This guy claims to be a student. His work is exceptional.

vertical turn
Häng havet på väggen - Put Up The Sea Wall

Perspective Squarecase (My favorite)

Check his work at:


3 thoughts on “Art: Erik Johansson

  1. Hey Prema,

    I had a quick look and I like Erik’s work.

    If Erik is a student, then he’s clearly got a lot of time on his hands …and access to more money than most students.

    Earlier in my career I was a digital photo-retoucher, and know that producing images commercially like the ones in Erik’s portfolio would cost quite a bit of money, and take quite a long time to put together.

    Thanks for the post.


  2. I admire his creativity. It’s true that time and money can make a difference in an artist’s delivery. I just like to show appreciation where it is due. Hopefully, we all will get the support we need to show our talents. He states on his site that his new concept will take some time to produce so I’m excited to see what he pulls together. Being an artist myself, I know what time and money will allow me to do. As a people, we have to keep dreaming to even get close to the opportunity.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Prema,

    Please don’t think that I’m criticising Erik’s work; the truth is that I’m really impressed by it. Perhaps too impressed to believe that Erik is a young student finding his way.

    I don’t want to appear to be cynical, but I know the levels of production that have gone into the images on Erik’s website. Readers should be aware that the creative and the technical aspects of a commercial retouching project can come from more than one source; the ‘creative’ [concept] might come from an ad agency for example, while a photographer might take the shots, and a digital retoucher might perform the photo-manipulation.

    I guess what I’m saying is that Erik’s work is so good that if he is a ‘twenty’ year old student he:

    1) Has an extraordinarily mature approach to projects
    2) Has multiple skills that would typically be sourced from a team
    3) Has access to production funds inline with commercial retouchers
    4) Has been churning out top-quality work for years

    In short, Erik is either nothing short of a retouching protégé …or he’s been around the block a few times and then gone back to college [to learn about something other than retouching, because no lecturer is going to be able to teach him anything].

    I’m in no way trying to upset Erik …it’s just that his work is of such high quality that I just find it hard to believe he’s a young student, still at college.

    I hope that doesn’t sound mean – I am impressed.

    All the best…

    Dickson Brown

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