365 Days of Luladae

Luladae Terefe is a very talented photographer who puts the viewer on her nose like a pair of glasses. There is a science to everything. Some people put together the equation using Cliff Notes and others naturally splirt the created substance out like a volcano. Luladee is one of the calmly eruptive types.

She started a 365 Days project on February 21, 2010. You can view a photo by her everyday as part of a visual journal. Each one could speak for the entire year. Select the picture below to travel along with her (you probably should start a friendship 1st).

Click pic for her "365 Days" Album


2 thoughts on “365 Days of Luladae

  1. An amazing photographer with an eye for the unique things in life…each picture that she takes captures the many facets of people…and tells a story…about life, struggle,peace, etc!! Keep up the good work, you’re on to great things!!

  2. “Oh there she goes again, the DOPEST Ethiopian..” Lu is an AMAZING talent!!! Such a lovely perspective.. and she’s an awesome person period. : )

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