Women Accused of Attempting to Sneak Corpse on Plane

A pair of women busted for trying to sneak a dead man onto a plane say he was alive – until they got to the airport, at least.

Gitta Jarant and Anke Anusic, the wife and step-daughter of the deceased 91-year-old, Willi, claim he was living when they got up that morning, the Daily Mail reports.

“He was alive in the taxi and when we arrived at the airport,” Anusic told the British newspaper. “He had eaten breakfast that morning.”

Willi suffered from Alzheimer’s, she explained, and his health was failing. The German national wanted to go back to his hometown in order to die.

“We had booked a wheelchair and a taxi and he must have died as he was wheeled into the airport,” Anusic said.

According to the Daily Mail, a Liverpool John Lennon Airport employee who aided the women upon their arrival claims Willi was already dead when he helped him out of the taxi.

“I knew straight away that the man was dead, but they reassured me that he ‘always sleeps like that,'” Andrew Millea said, noting that when he’d felt the man’s head it was “ice cold.”

Read more: source by Michael Sheridan


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