A Wonderful Glance in the LooKinGGlass AliCe at The Alliance Theatre

I had the delightful experience of watching Lookingglass Alice at the Alliance Theater yesterday. The 2nd Alice story slips people’s minds at times. This version is of Alice slipping through the looking-glass and her journey of moving from a pawn to a queen like a chess game. There were toddlers to youthful elderly there clapping and singing along. Simply put…I loved it.

That's me. It was made for a "smaller" kid.

Even though I had to enjoy the last 30 mins. in the balcony since I couldn’t “hold” my beverages as well as the children did for the 1.5 hr production with no intermission, both views were great. Up to the balcony you go if stepping out for any reason. However this play is not hindered by gravity as they swing, drop, fly, and glide throughout the story. No intermission is understandable since I was very intrigued that the characters used every part of the theater from the entrances to the lap of audience members.

Cirque du Soleil meets theater is how the play is described. Lighting, costumes, musical sound, and visual humor create a fun night out. I would encourage everyone to support and enjoy. Five cast members play 10-15 charters each.

Freakin Marvelous!
Here's your very memorable Alice.
Dismount! (you'd have to see it to get that)
Easily falls into each character like it's nothing.



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