15,000 Bees Swarm Onto Car Bumper

Mark Copier | The Grand Rapids Press

Once the bumper was “smoked” (a technique to calm the bees) and the queen was removed, the swarm was easy to get away from the car. The smoke kills the smell of the queen and when they relocate her scent in a transporting box, they move there. They are being kept by a beekeeper who rents bees out to blueberry farmers to help pollinate their crops.

Off the subject but, if the queen of a community was appreciated the same way we would be such a stronger society. People can learn a lot from nature. Unfortunately, the human ego fills many heads with the idea that we have nothing in common with nature (except maybe sex). So many species have outlasted humans and will continue to…the bees value of queen has kept them around for a long time. They don’t exploit her sex appeal in videos, advertisements, or expect her to strip...they won’t allow anyone to get close enough for even a peek.



3 thoughts on “15,000 Bees Swarm Onto Car Bumper

  1. Your information is a little off, I have been keeping bees for 20 years. The smoke does not as you say “kills the smell of the queen”. The smoke does have what appears to be a calming effect, but it actually puts the bees in to conservation mode. The smoke mimics a forest fire and the bees respond by (in a real hive) trying to suck up as much of the honey as possible. If smoke is used in this situation it confuses the bees and the are not as aggressive toward the Beekeeper as the could be.
    Jay, Chattanooga, Tn

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