A Little Reflection (photos)

I ran across some old pictures I took for my entertainment portfolio. They were shot by Allen Kemp (a long time friend of my brother). I’m guessing most people see the changes in themselves as they look at old pictures. I do sometimes. Oddly though, I don’t feel anything when I look at these pics. I’ve tried to date each new guy like my first (which is very difficult to erase disappoints from your heart), taste new foods without expectation, and hug people like I may not see them again. Pulling from my youthful way of thinking of new experiences has seem to freeze my mind in an open position. Maybe that is the fountain of youth. Do I think every part of my body is in the same shape as in these photos?..No. However, found out that I am 10 pounds lighter than I was 4 years ago. My jeans say the opposite but, maybe I lost the weight in my hair…who knows.

Just the other day, the mother of my second family Mrs. Ndukwe (who has known me for over 15 years) was telling someone that I’ve never changed. It felt wonderful standing there with someone who really knew me. I’ve always enjoyed learning. I’ve always enjoyed being open to what I have not experienced. It’s been great and horrible at times but, overall the experiences have taught me a lot that some around me make uneducated guesses about. I’ve learned that the more one learns, the simplicity of how much everyone is alike circles right back around to the basic fact to understand. The less one experiences, the more likely they see mistakes by the local junkie, battered woman, runaway, etc. After touching different bases in life, I’ve learned that they are all white square blocks in the home-run of life. We are all beings believing what we individually believe. Even under a church roof, inside a political organization’s walls, and behind the bedroom doors of a house, individuals will be found. You may find a handful of agreements but at some point (even if it’s about a favorite vegetable), you will find them to be different people. However, the idea that one believes they know how to live their own life better than the someone living it for them will be what makes them think alike. The fact that one believes he is soooo different from the next man is actually what makes them soooo alike. The other fact that they both will make mistakes is the the zip-lock seal on what makes them exactly alike. Hope that wasn’t too confusing.

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