A-Town Love @ Centerstage

If last night was the 1st time a new Atlanta resident ever heard of Kilo Ali, they would completely understand why Atlanta natives are proud of their city and will quickly tell you how Freaknik made

Kilo Ali

legendary history of bass music. After ticket sales outgrew The Loft (the original venue holding up to 650 people) the A-Town Legends concert was moved over to Centerstage (holding right over 1000). To say the place was packed would be an understatement. After A-Town Stomping and Bankhead Bouncing on the dancefloor (standing pit),  I quickly had to keep going out the exit doors just for air. With the low temperatures outside, Hot-lanta was fully alive indoors. Southern Bass music is probably one of the few genres where the audience feels they can (and need) to out-dance the paid stage dancers. It felt wonderful to be n sync with at least 1000 pairs of shoulders bouncing around and “Donkey Kong”-ing.


I don't know why people thought I was playing. Ain’t No Party Like A Kilo Party – The Loft/ATL – 3.16.11 http://bit.ly/dYE1f4
Some necessary attire for the moment.


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