Career Day With A Lil’Auto-Tune

So…during my interesting adventure contributing to Career Day at Redan High, one student told me that he listens to old school music. I asked, “like what?”

His reply was “Eminem.”


Well, what’s old to him is old to him. I had to quickly remember that he was in the 11th grade, it wasn’t Music History Day, and I only had 25-30 minutes with each class. Out of all the students, only one mentioned Silk, 112, and some 90’s R&B. However, the students did know of Quincy Jones. Somehow, Jones penetrated the minds of teenagers heavily devoted to Lil’Wayne, Drake, and Wiz Khalifa. I didn’t understand how Eminem was old but Lil’Wayne wasn’t…looking at when each started their careers.

My beautiful escort (& Senior Class Valedictorian) Seantrel Williams and Career Day Coordinator Mrs. Tekeshia Hollis - Redan High School 4/22/11

I was delighted to hear some of the students tell me they were aspiring to be doctors, video game designers, engineers, and even a professional Cricket player. My enjoyable, former classmate, Kenyatta, came through to share his life as a part of the Atlanta Fire Department family with the students. Great for the students but, hard for the other volunteers to top the superhero bar of occupations he set. I hope we all were beneficial to the students. It was awesome sharing the time with the lively young adults. I greatly appreciate the opportunity extended and well orchestrated by Principal Goodwin, Mrs. Hollis, The Men of Redan Organization, R.O.T.C., the talented musicians who entertained us, my self-driven aide Seantrel, and everyone involved in the special day. Thanks for the heads up, Trent.

As far as Eminem, at least this song’s message is an old school message that still pertains to the new school:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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