Music: Johnny Gill – In The Mood #PREalert

It was very refreshing to ride around and finally hear some new real soul come through the speakers again. No auto-tone or “safe” singing. Lately, a lot of the R&B categorized music sounds like I hung around school recital too long after the main act and some buffoons ran up on stage when the school administrators found there way outside. The majority of the male singers today speak as if they know their boys are listening. Instead of “let me kiss you, hold you tight, and slow dance with you,” they talk about birthday sex, love faces, and fcuking instead of making love. The difference is when a man is really attracted to a lady’s complete beauty, he will be genuine enough to tell her that he wishes she was close enough to just smell her perfume. But, the new whining cats speak with the fear of being humiliated by the thought that their homeboys may hear them so, they say, “let me hit girl.”

Max Headroom
Max Headroom (Image via Wikipedia)

Excluding some acts that returned to the game like Ginuwine, El Debarge, and even now singer-turned-actor Tyrese, there has been a lot of sex music with boys not knowing how to charm a woman while whining with computer-assisted Max Headroom voices.

I was riding around and this new song “In The Mood” by Johnny Gill made me enjoy the mini-speed bumps a little too much. It’s from his new album “Still Winning.” Thanks Johnny!


Some were dogging Johnny Gill for not humping and grinding on the pretty lady in the video. So much is over-sexed nowadays that so many are clueless that a man that sings like Johnny doesn’t have to even touch a woman.  Then again, maybe they are not really concerned about her pleasure in-order to believe that this had to be porno instead of a video for a love song.


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