Art: Jeremy Worst…I’ve Seen Way Worse #PREalert

Dena | Jeremy | Prema ... He was a good sport about being our prop, even though he became 2 tipsy twin's armrest. Sorry Jeremy 😮

So, I was able to meet Jeremy Worst. I’m probably late but, the art was right on time for me. Great work is hanging on the walls at Graveyard in East Atlanta Village. Of course Dena and I stopped through during our “destroy-all-sugar-and-yeast-made-products-around-the-city” journey. She caught me up on Jeremy since she knows a thing or two about art exhibits through the Archive Gallery. EAV was not the 1st stop on our trek so, he told me his art is viewable’til November 12th (give or take a Miller High Life w/my memory). Either way, you can go to Ebay to view and purchase also. Support real art!!!

Jeremy Worst on Ebay

Some more pics:


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