Accepting Your Promo Materials For Event Gift Bags! #PREalert

Do you have any promotional items to have included in our event gift bags?

Are you not in the Atlanta area but have an online store or charity?

It’s ok! Push play and then read away:

You can simply mail a package of your product samples or advertisement flyers for everyone to receive. These bags are for industry friends in the art, entertainment, live music venue, and journalism industries to receive for a special holiday event.  These are gift bags that could have your sales pitch included for the individuals to sit and focus on at their convenience. Gift bags will be given to guests at the end of a night of entertainment, exhibits, music, and complimentary drinks. Plus, they will receive it along with gifts from the hands of their actual friends.

Are you in Atlanta? You will be able to attend and enjoy a fun evening without the worry of everyone leaving without your contact info. Your dated items must be valid for recipients to use November 2011 and after. Items must reach us by November 15th. If provided to us, your company logo will be included with info for this event. We will not exclude competitors’ items, however, specially promoted items may be negotiated.

This will be a free event (limited to a RSVP list) for everyone as it is an exclusive party with a lot of free items for attendees.

Acceptable Items:

  • Charity Info
  • Product Samples
  • Service/Product Discounts
  • Event Promotional Flyers
  • Promotional CDs/DVDs
  • Adult Clothing & Apparel (21+ event)
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Candy
  • Alcohol mini’s/info

Contact for inquiries on quantity, event info, and mailing details (on in-town drop-off).


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