Introducing The New (Old) Apple #PREalert


Macintosh was the first computer system to introduce the “mouse.” It made the Information System more user-friendly and was a great source of nutrients for any serpent. It’s not so much of calling Apple evil. It is just not a coincidence that the symbol is an apple. Even I’ve fallen into the ICraze over some of the Mac technology. I do notice though how it seems it assists in people becoming more distant to the idea that a creator put them here with a purpose besides touching a screen or keyboard all day.

This television commercial, first aired during...
Was the woman "breaking" everyone out of a worship like state of production a symbol of Eve? This television commercial, first aired during Super Bowl XVIII, launched the original Macintosh. Image via Wikipedia

I picture Adam hunting or fishing while some sleazy guy starts waving his new IPad at Eve. He quickly streams old footage of Adam catching a fish from last week that he edited to repeat the catch over and over. On the IPad, he was able to remix the video and ran some bot program to give the video 1 million hits. The slick fellow says, “see sweetheart, Adam has caught more fish but he doesn’t share with you.” Eve, never seeing such a clever device, becomes hypnotized and intrigued enough to start surfing the web on the sneaky guys IPad. Once she’s figured out a few shortcuts, the Apple has been tasted and, she’s hooked. She brings it back to Adam to question the truth of his catch. Confused, Adam starts exploring this flat object to understand why he is seeing himself catch such a large quantity of fish that he doesn’t remember. Now, both Eve and her partner Adam are texting and posting with their heads facing down all day. God speaks, “uh humm…excuse me…uh hummm…up here!”  If you walk down a busy street, you may notice hardly anyone is looking up at the only real authoritative figure anymore.  Everyone is so devoted to their Apple devices (or knock off brands).

Why do I not answer my phone as much as the people who complain about me not? I feel like I have my phone going off during the taping of the daily show of my life. Every time it rings I hear, “CUT! Go ahead Prema, answer your phone…again!” I am very aware of who my director is. I’m not mad at the people who call, just frustrated by the angry ones that have so quickly forgotten that people can be busy with the life given to them by that which is larger than Steve Jobs, R.I.P.

It may be odd for them to understand that, God has me in a particular place for a reason and I like to experience the things he’s placed around me to learn from rather than being so dedicated to an item from a fruit vendor all day.

The word Macintosh comes from the Gaelic Mac an Toisich,
which translates to Son of Thane. Toisich or Thane means “leader”, or “chief”.
I am very fond of apple sauce tho, apple butter, and apple pie…still growing.


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