Are You Naked? Really? #PREalert

So, I was flashed last night/this morning! People still do that? My thermostat said it was 40 something degrees outside too! A skull-cap, open bomber jacket, and shoes (that’s it)! Completely aroused, this guy pulled in front of the car acted as if he was going to the trunk stood in front of our headlights so we would see. Then it turned into a masturbation show just long enough to realize that we were going for our cell phones then pulls off in his car! Seriously? Even though it was disgusting, all I thought was at least this perversion was used up on us and not innocent children. But, what if he does this at anytime of the day? Why am I seeing you naked? Why? Why are you pleasuring yourself in front of me? It doesn’t seem like you need anyone for this.

Does anyone else know of this midtown/Buckhead flasher?


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