Beauty: Luxury Gloss by Tonnae Nicole #PreAlert

I am enjoying one of my new luxury glosses handed to me by the one & only Tonnae’ Nicole! It’s #CN2 – Vivid Wish. It’s kind of a mauve, pink tone. I like that the gloss doesn’t make my lips sticky or dry and, there’s no bad taste. Some of those other well-established brands may have vibrant colors but, they can also feel like you’re wearing maple syrup, turning your lips into fly paper.

Tonnae’ Nicole Cosmetics is the newly created makeup collection for women and men of all ethnicities, designed to ensure that beauty students and professional makeup artist are provided with essential tools to practice a prosperous and thriving career. Click for the Facebook page and more info.

Thank you Tonnae’ Nicole! Here are a few pics of this 1st color I have been rocking. I will update you on the other color soon…


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