Popar Toys Are Putting Pop-Up Books In The Past #PREalert

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Robert Siddell, Vice President of Popar Toys at the end of my journey through AmericasMart in Atlanta (a while back). I felt like a kid again while being introduced to this cool new education tool. I thought this was pretty cool so here you go…

This princess and her pig are 3D images I can see through my mobile computer device (cell phone, iPad, etc.) after downloading the app, and scanning a 2D image. The princess comes to life moving, talking, and allowing me to alter her world through my touchscreen device. Along with audio, a child can shoot off rockets, and interact with his virtual story world.

Popar™ is a new line of children’s toys that use Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create an immersive reading experience that will allow the user to see their books come alive with incredible virtually “real” 3D objects and animations that will pop off the page or card. Popar™ Toys are designed to change the way we interact and experience stories, adventures, and learning. This video was made using Popar™ Books Planets 3D, Popar™ Cards, and Popar™ Books Be It. Popar™ products are all compatible with PC, MAC, Android, and Apple devices!





Just follow me,
And you will see,
What folks in Harlem
Call Trickeration.

Don’t mean a thing,
This crazy swing,
Latest thing in Harlem,

Rhythm, look what you went and done,
Rhythm, you are the guilty one.

Another phrase,
Just another craze,
Everyone in Harlem
Does Trickeration.


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